Rare Beauty

A rare beauty if one will look closely. Autumn gives way to winter with swift winds that stir the leaves and gray skies that leave a somber setting for the branches that lay bare. While the warm colors of fall have faded to brown remnants of leaves barely hanging on, there are stoic and majestic trees to behold. Look closer. Stripped bare of what once clothed them, there is raw beauty.
Now etches in the bark can be seen where the beaks of the birds did their work, pocket knifes left memories, and moss began to form a blanket. Once hidden, nests of sticks and leaves are clearly in view, no longer protected by the green fleshy leaves. Yet, the nests are safe in the embrace of sturdy branches, white now with age. There in the stalwart trunk a knot where the owls have made their home too.
Step back; breathe in the fresh coolness of winter. Gaze and wonder.
So it is with the life of a believer, seasons change, age brings a quiet wisdom, it is etched into a being. Suddenly with a swift wind a soul lays bare. Finally His work in the life of a believer is seen, because all of the splendor of outward works and deeds are stripped. There is a strength that has grown through many seasons gone by. What appeared to many a knot, or weakness, was used by God. Life's memories have been etched with every wrinkle that crowns those eyes and smile. Countless have found refuge, been received, into the arms of this dear one. To be sure, a rare beauty if one will look closely.

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  1. This is Great.....I to love the rare bare trees too....When we come to this season in our lives if we are "Bare" to him we can be so blessed and protected at the same time!Carmen