Chasing Waterfalls in the Rainfall

It was time to get away from the every day world, so my family entered one of our favorites - the mountains of North Carolina. The skies were grey and there was a heavy mist, but we know that waterfalls are worth chasing in the rainfall. In the thick woods of the Nantahala Forest there were waterfalls to be found. Beautiful trails (even in the rain) were everywhere. Once we decided on one, it wasn't long before the tall pines, aged oaks and young maple trees formed the perfect canopy along our way. The rain made the leaves of autumn all the more brilliant, they glistened their fallish hues. From a distance we could here the rushing of water, we knew we were getting closer. Finding our way over the small, mucky creek following that sound we went even deeper. Then an opening…there it was rushing with incredible might, roaring as it spilled over the top, sending a massive mist into our faces. It was Rainbow Falls. We stood for a while and gazed at her beauty, taking in deep breaths of the air, mist, and pines. Then we stood just listening.
Oh, but let's get closer! So we did. We hiked a little further and with some slipping and sliding we made it to a small landing right next to this majestic beauty. I do know that creation cannot even begin to give us a glimpse of God's glory, but at times it is a twinkle of His eye for me. Something about me always want to get closer, see the beauty from a different view…so we continued our hike. We made it up the wet roots, and rocks, following a narrow, rarely used trail until we were above the falls. There was nothing overwhelming to see from here, just the river gently flowing. But if you dare (and I often do) make your way out onto the rocks that jet out over just as the river makes its descent. Peek over to see the river go from a gentle flow to a river white, rushing, and quite loud. Suddenly I am back to being little me and reminded of the river's power…so I made my way back to my family.
We headed back down, making our way back down the wet roots, fallen leaves and slippery rocks when my daughter stopped in her tracks. She spotted (she is good at this, failed to mention the salamander we befriended on our way up) a perfect snail. His little home matched the leaves that he was making his way on. She picked him up, held him in the palm of her hand and then waited. There he came, peeking his head out. We wondered at the little creature, enjoyed him, and then put him back onto the leaves off of the trail. As we continued to hike hand in gooey hand, my daughter looked up and said, "I think I liked him just as much as the waterfall!" We will have to do this again soon, because chasing waterfalls in the rainfall is worth the views, both big and small.

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