thankful...for pleasant aromas

This November I am giving thanks for much...and that includes the five senses God created.  So this week, along the way I am inhaling deep breaths, taking the time to stop and smell the...

freshly ground coffee beans
the wood burning in a campfire
fragrant blossoms of a tea olive plant
cool salty air at the coast (Thanksgiving I will be doing this)
crisp Autumn air (has it's on fresh scent bidding summer good-bye, welcoming cool nights, apples, the changing colors of leaves...)
a Votivo Bright Leaf Tobacco candle
earthy smell of soil while planting a winter garden
stew or soup that has been cooking in a slow cooker all day
rich smell of chocolate oatmeal cookies right out of the oven
pine sap
pages of an old book
early morning rain

when these scents fill my nostrils, I am thankful. Thankful for a creative God!

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  1. and with all that Christ has done and that he even sustains the universe, He is still concerned with beauty. He has a beautiful rose in a forest somewhere that no man has been or will go. He sees it and is concered with it's beauty and it brings Him pleasure.