A Sunday morning thought, singing bad theology

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands!! 
And you know I will - nothing wrong with this song. 
We go for fun, we go for upbeat, we sometimes teach bad theology through the songs we sing.
Yes, even a few of those age old songs we loved to sing as a child... because certainly as Christians we will be inright outright upright downright happy all the time! Really?
For Sunday mornings worship leaders are intentional in choosing songs that are truth about Jesus, and sincere words for believers to sing to an incredible God...should we offer anything less to our children in their worship/music time?!
My desire is to not make a list of songs with bad/wrong theology...but to have us think of the songs that we sing! Especially on Sunday mornings, let's not overlook the importance of being intentional with the songs we lead our children in each week.


  1. Some of them are worse than that, in various ways, and they aren't confined to songs for kids.

  2. You are very right Dr. LaBar!