my heart restored

Sharing with teen moms in Costa Rica ~ some who come from broken homes, live with abusive boyfriends, taking care of their babies at age fifteen and sixteen. Being a teenager is hard, being a mom is hard, living in poverty makes it ALL the more difficult. Most of them have their identity tied to what has happened to them (they didn't all become moms by their own will), what they have done, who shows them "love," and the lies others have spoken to them again and again.
My Heart Restored was prayed over and planned to hold up a new mirror, show them a new identity, restore bruised and broken hearts - but how?
The Gospel. In the new mirror given there is a reflection of a Savior.
My favorite storybook This is No Fairy Tale, ended session one as Hazel (pictured next to me on the right) told the story orally in the girls native tongue. They heard the gospel. A Savior who loves, died, rose again so that we could be complete, forgiven, made whole.
A Savior who loves completely and never leaves us.
The young girls didn't need to be reminded of their sin. It is what they see in the mirror every day, reminded of when others shun them, by the way they seek to feel loved...
Small Group time with their mentors gave them time to address these. The girls were asked tough questions and given big TRUTHS.

As we gathered again, I shared "This is how God showed his love for us. He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:9&10

A Savior who loves you - He calls you by name, he has engraved your name on the palm of his hand. You are not just one in a million or a face in the crowd. You are unique, loved and accepted fully because of what Jesus has already done. When we believe this for ourselves and trust Him, he gives us the right to be called children of God. This is no fairy tale, Jesus' love is real.

Trust him, begin to believe His truth. Then I prayed for them new eyes and courage to see themselves as they really are in Christ (or really can be) and faith to believe that He is restoring their hearts.

Small group time, a chance to go deeper....and they did!

God is at work in the hearts of these young ladies, pray for them and pray for their mentors!


  1. amazing what God did, and will do with these precious young moms. So thankful for this ministry and all that you & your family did to come alongside Mariana. Seeds were planted, their hearts were ministered to and loved on, and given a message of the ONE who loves them. No matter what our past history or circumstances nothing can ever separate us from His love. He gives this gift freely to those hungry to know about Him. May He continue to open up their eyes to the truth about who He is and what He has done on their behalf. Thank you for being the instruments God used to share and demonstrate His love to them. To GOD be the GLORY!!

  2. to God be the glory indeed! Thanks Katelynne