church on the road

This summer we have hit the road! Lots of traveling, so we decided to have church in while in Florida, just the family. Maybe we could watch a good church service. So with a click of the remote we join the local televised church service. The choir was bellowing, by hymn number three I could feel eyeballs staring at me. Then the pastor began his welcome with the rising and falling and extending the endING of everYYYY worDDDD. Then a soft, “ummm” came from the mouths of the heads that had the eyeballs staring at me!

Ok, television off. Get the ipod out we will worship through song with some Josh Ridings Band, que up a podcast from Mars Hill and have church!

My sons sermon notes from Pastor Mark Driscoll’s sermon on

Jesus and Zacchaeus.

Then we headed for the pool, where we reviewed the sermon. I would ask the children a question as they gave their highest jump into the pool. Mid air into the pool came an answer that usually was finished under water!

A wee little man = __________________ (Zaccheus)

Legal but _______________ (sinful)

The “b” word _______________ (booger)

Repentance + Restitution = ______________ (rejoice)

Only gospel that shares about Zaccheus = ____________ (Luke)

You could say that this summer Sunday sermon ended in a splash!

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