fifteen years

Celebrating fifteen years of marriage to the man I love! It all began eighteen years ago, we had met just three weeks earlier on a mission trip. One evening we sat outside by the pool...talking, sharing with one another our hopes and dreams when he reached out for my hand. He cupped my hands in his and asked if he could pray.
One of the most tender, heartfelt prayers I had ever heard...somewhere in there he thanked God for having our paths cross and committed us to Him...if that was just a friendship or if we would grow old together, serving him...rocking side by side in our rocking chairs some day. When he finished praying, I looked up to see a tear coming down his cheek. In my heart, I was already saying "I do."
It was three years later that I got to say those words before our family and friends, confessing that covenant of marriage before our Lord.

Thankful for a faithful God who has held two sinners who love one another.

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