A new day dawning...

A new day dawning...
the sun rises and sets each day, evening stars appear, seasons change.
I stand in awe of how God orchestrates this universe, this earth, and the details of my life. 

A new season changing...
Autumn brings brilliant colors in leaves, crisp air, bonfires, and the best of hot drinks.
God delights in our enjoying His good gifts - the little things.

So it is for me a new season...
after taking a year to stand back and wait (waiting did not involve doing nothing - I was busy writing and coming alongside churches and ministries and I still get to do this.)

My new season, tailored for me, is time with students and teachers at Oakbrook:
Coaching middle school girls volleyball,
Teaching God's Word to 6th & 7th graders,
Facilitating the learning & studying of World History, and
steering a team to cultivate a teaching of Biblical worldview and foster an atmosphere of God's grace.

God orchestrates it all. 
Be encouraged that a new day is dawning, God is faithful in every season.

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