Summer Reads

I love the smell of a book, the breeze off of the ocean, and stepping into someone else's world across the ocean or at a different time in history...
My summer reading list includes:

Read aloud to my son The Boy in Striped Pajamas by John Boyne, then we watched the movie. 
This was certainly a good introduction to a horrific act in history through the eyes of the innocent.
My prayer is that my children know and learn so that they are 
not indifferent when history begins to repeat itself (like it did in Rwanda). Reading these types of books together is a great time for answering those questions of curiosity...

Just finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand - the life of Louie Zampirni! Have to say it took me a while on this one...BUT it was well worth the read and once I finally got halfway through the book I couldn't put it down. Such a testament of God's grace from beginning to end!

My love for education has me reading The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner. This book has me thinking, rethinking, and of course creating ways in my head of how teaching can be done differently and more effective for our children! Each summer I try to read at least one book on ministry & one education. I like to weave my thoughts together on the two!

I am banking on loving this one so much that I continue on into his book that follows Stones into Schools.  I will update by summer's end!

**I know that budgets are I want you to know that each of these are available at your local library (in the United States).

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