Faithful. Our God is faithful.

Valleys are deep and sometimes wide, taking us longer to reach the foothill of the mountain than we had imagined or ever thought we could bear. Making our way across the valley there are difficult pools that we must or sometimes choose to wade in – the pool of pain and suffering, the pool of pity, the putrid pool of pride. Yes, some of those pools are a must, provided by our God who cares too deeply about our heart’s condition to let it be stagnant. The necessary pool where we learn to swim and realize our utter dependence and need. It is a difficult pool, but at specific times a necessary one. Then the pools we choose for ourselves– self-pity and pride. The self-pity pool is more dangerous than some care to believe. It is here where pain can be exploited and turn our hearts bitter. Then there is the ever, evasive pool of pride, we think it evasive, but one can be neck high in it before realizing it is in pride you are drowning.
Then across the valley we see a river, running peacefully. Go, stay there a while. Step in and allow the living water to refresh you. Make your way to the waterfall, allowing the billowing waters of grace to wash over you. Now and only now are you ready for the climb. As we climb God provides another rock within grasp – another answer to prayers, another provision, another encouraging word.
Our God is faithful. He holds us in His grasp even on the mountaintop. We are never alone.

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