a comfy sofa

Looking for an investment piece for your home?
I highly recommend a comfy sofa. This single piece of furniture welcomes guests to linger a while longer, and it's the best Sunday afternoon napping spot.

The profit from this investment? More investment. 

Our comfy sofa has held a daddy napping with little ones - until they grew too big! It cradles a mom with her children on either side for reading books and having early morning quiet times.

Our comfy sofa has the been the plopping spot for a young ladies Bible Study every Wednesday night for over three years. Gathered around God's Word, hot coffee (sometimes tea) in hand many tears were shared - some from heartaches, the rest from laughing and sharing joys.

Our comfy sofa has cushioned many missionaries as our family gathered to hear stories, learn from those serving in hard places, and pray with them.

Our comfy sofa has been the hang out spot for the "twenty something" crowd, aka the Big Kid Youth Group, where we dress outrageous, don't take ourselves too serious, and laugh a lot.

Our comfy sofa has welcomed soon to be husband & wife couples, where tough questions have been asked, sweet stories shared and young love abounds!
It's where the neighborhood children gather to play the wii, get a snack, and just be kids!

Our comfy sofa is audience seating for countless, special performances by our children, their cousins, and friends.
It's where life is shared.
This investment is more than a piece of furniture - it's inviting others into our home and into our lives. The real profit of more investment is priceless.
Be wise with your spending, get an investment piece. Are you inviting others into your life?


  1. That is seriously the best sofa ever. Mainly because it's located in the living room of our favorite family. We love you guys so much!