I am learning...

We made a prayerful decision last year to homeschool our daughter for her sixth grade year.
This, to me, is such an incredible year of turning from childhood to adolescence ~ what an opportunity to have much one on one time. This fleeting time of girlhood is beautiful.Of course both my daughter and I had our own ideas of what this time would be like. I can honestly say that both of us had expectations from that "fairy tale" spot in our imaginations. And with honesty I can say that we have had our share of disappointments already.

Our time together is more than books, schooling, making the grade (which I am praying we both pass!) sandwiched into working full time, making the office hours, being on the school board, caring for others, encouraging other ministries and a slew of other responsibilities.
Our time together has so far been filled with laughs, tears, tons of girl talk, reading God's Word, praying together, asking hard questions, directing a young girl into what it means to be a young woman of God. Her heart is special, I am thankful to be her mom. God is teaching me to hold her loose in my hand, she is His.
We are both learning a ton from this year of homeschool, much of it not taught in books.
I am learning to savor moments.
I am learning to not wait to say that I am sorry.
I am learning that the one thing better than a good book is reading that good book with someone else.
I am learning that God's ways are always better than my own.
I am learning that my attitude affects others.
I am learning that children can teach us a lot (I already knew this one, but worth writing)
I am learning time slips away quickly.
I am learning that I am still not good at math.
I am learning that I have forgotten much of what I once knew.
I am learning that I should have never stopped giggling like a girl!
I am learning...

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