If and When were planted and Nothing grew

That is an old proverb that rings true with my desire to have a garden.  For several years now I have desired to plant a garden if only I had more time, when things slow down. Realizing that neither of those were bound to happen here in Mercyville, I planted a garden this spring! 
Meager beginnings, it is a 4 x 4 garden with watermelon, cucumbers, cantaloupe, & green beans! 

I followed the instructions: planting the seeds in good soil, making sure my garden was placed perfectly to get plenty of sunshine, and then I watered. With the satisfaction of dirt under my fingernails, I stood back and gazed.  This time something was going to grow! Oh, I did get one plant each (except for the beans) so that I could see green right away.  
However, in no time at all little sprouts were shooting through the soil!

Then with sunshine, rain, and just a little weed maintenance my little garden grew and grew.
Who knew? Clearly, not me.
Perhaps I planted a little too much in my small garden space!

 Last night we enjoyed the fruit (well, vegetable) of our labor! I picked beans from the garden.

Ah...from seed, to sprout, to big healthy plant to our dinner table!

If you are like me, having spent too long planting if and when having nothing grow...then this little post is for you. Go plant your garden!

Disclaimer: the corn was not from my garden, but from the grocery store - maybe next year!

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