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So in little ways, little deeds, my children are watching and following my lead. Or sometimes they just plain out question it!
Just a couple of weeks ago my daughter and I were sitting on her bed, brushing hair and talking life when my husband walked in with a heavy sigh..."I am done for the night, I am exhausted," was his cry after a very long, stressful day of working with an orphanage in Haiti. 
So being the doting wife that I am I offered, "Would you like me to run you a hot bath?" (This is his cure all, I think his mom must have done this often when he was young).  Of course, he nodded yes and walked slowly out of the room.
Then my daughter turned to me, her eyebrows raised, "He can't run water?"
I erupted in laughter. Then I explained that running her daddy a hot bath is just a small way that I can serve him. Then gave her a list of ways that her daddy serves her each day.

The next morning we were sitting at the breakfast table (it was a saturday morning no real routine everyone eat breakfast at your leisure kind of morning). Again, my daughter and I are just having girl chat, comes frequently with a nearly 11 year old, as we sat at the breakfast table.  My husband walked into the kitchen and headed for the pantry, opened it, stared, then turned to me and asked "Will you make me a bowl of cereal?" My daughter's eyebrows went up, she gave me a knowing look and said, "He can't pour milk either?" Laughter erupted again, as my husband tried to explain to both of us all of the little ways he serves us!  
Truth is, he does! Truth is, I enjoy serving him in little ways (it speaks his love language the LOUDEST)! So I am trying in little ways to cultivate a servants heart in my children at home.  Hopefully, when my daughter marries the man God has set apart for her she will love to serve him in little ways.  But I have a feeling he better know how to run his own water and pour his own milk!

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  1. He should probably know how to do some other things, too.